Hey I'm Stevie and I'm 20, from New Zealand, born and raised. I love my country. I'm an xxboy c: My T date is the 05/08/13 and I had top surgery on 22/05/14. I work full time. I have so many weird tattoos and piercings. I play music. I have a personal too, you can ask for it if you want. This is my blog. It's full of my shit. Enjoy 😎

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I keep having sneezing fits.

Spring is here.

A porn blog just followed my personal \m/

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Went on a random mission to Tauranga it was great I love driving around. I met bonerhouse too what an angel 💃

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They have everythibg here


They have everythibg here

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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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