Hey I'm Stevie and I'm 20, from New Zealand, born and raised. I love my country. I'm an xxboy c: My T date is the 05/08/13 and I had top surgery on 22/05/14. I work full time. I have so many weird tattoos and piercings. I play music. This is my blog. It's full of my shit. Enjoy 😎

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nah broooo

I don’t feel good and I’m gonna do something I regretttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I can’t get out of my own head and I hate it here


open the doop, get on the floop. everybody walk the dinosoop

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american horror story: the police


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That’s worse than I thought it was. Fark.

That’s worse than I thought it was. Fark.

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matttiu said: Have they not even noticed/said anything about the T changes? I never told my family except parents, the rest of them just guessed on their own. Thank fuck.

Not at all ahahaha it’s terrifying kinda. I’m just gonna let them work it out. The ones that care about me won’t even worry about it and it’ll weed out the family I don’t want in my life ccc:

Ahhh it’s amazing I am a year on T and 3 months post-op and I’m still not out to my family. My dad, sister, and mum are the only family members that know I’m trans*.