Hey I'm Stevie and I'm 19, from New Zealand, born and raised. I love my country. I'm an xxboy c: My T date is the 05/08/13 and I had top surgery on 22/05/14. I work full time. I have so many weird tattoos and piercings. I play music. This is my blog. It's full of my shit. Enjoy 😎

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I have to go to work today because it’s Friday and I don’t have a medical cert. I feel like shit.




when the anime people turn to face the screen and their nose vanishes

where did it come from

where did it go

where did it come from

anime nose



My queen…

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Woah I’ve been passed out all day it’s like 11am. I just looked at myself and holy shit I’m so pale I’m almost see-through

Anonymous said: Are you straight?

Sexuality is fluid IMO.

Anonymous said: Aww do you miss someone special :c

Yeah. I love her. But I haven’t spoken to her in months. I deserve the treatment but fuck I’m a mess without her.

She was the light in my life 😍

I just vomited in my car on the way to work after a stressful sweaty night. I had maybe 1 hour sleep.. No work for me.

Anonymous said: Stevie pls tell me about how you are going, how are you feeling after your transition? Whats the love life like? How are you? :)

What’s it to you? If you read my blog you know what’s up ccc: If ya wanna talk to me properly you can come off anon mkay.

And just a side none don’t say “after your transition” cause I’m not even half done. Good try tho just telling ya for next time.


How to eat salad


How to eat salad

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